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Revolutionizing Patient care


Through Digital Healthcare on Cloud

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Meeting Privacy Needs and Healthcare Needs – Instantly


Enhanced Informatrix, Inc. is revolutionizing how patients receive medical care through our innovative cloud data services. We do this by providing patient healthcare information via the cloud, making patient data instantly available to provide better treatment during a regular doctor visit or when a medical emergency arises. We aim to accomplish this by:

  • Utilizing cloud data to make vital healthcare data available to doctors at a moment’s notice

  • Maintaining stringent guidelines regarding patient privacy

  • Providing subscription services to hospitals and other healthcare facilities across the globe

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What We Provide

How It Works

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Our website will briefly describe our software -  Digital Healthcare, a fully integrated SaaS cloud system that provides centralized medical information regarding a patient's medical history. To get more information, request our whitepaper.

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Sample Demo

If you want further details to understand our purpose in deciding if you're going to invest, we will provide a sample demo presentation of our software and a brief description of our team members regarding their work and education.

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Invest in Digital Healthcare on Cloud if you want to join our mission.
We are happy to answer any questions and make you aware of the sequential development of the software.

Healthcare Where It Is Needed When It Is Needed


Imagine yourself on a dream vacation, a business trip, or just traveling on a long daily commute. What happens if you experience a severe accident or suddenly become ill and require emergency medical care? A staff that knows nothing about you will do their best, but they will be entirely in the dark regarding your medical history, healthcare wishes, allergies, and the like. But what if an online subscription service could allow the emergency medical team access to your vital records while maintaining your privacy?

Enhanced Informatrix, Inc. is on a mission to ensure a person can receive the best healthcare where it is needed and when it is needed.

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Digital Healthcare Accessible Anywhere


Are you interested in learning more about this innovative way to share patient data while maintaining strict privacy? Request a whitepaper.

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